Bath Bomb - SMALL

Bath Bomb - SMALL

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Pop one of these in your tub and enjoy your bath. These soften, color and scent your bathwater so you can get the most from your tub time. Choose your fragrance and we'll ship them out to you right away.

Our bath bombs are made with Shea Butter to moisturize your skin. These are truly luxury bath bombs. 

We only use skin-safe dyes so only the water will be colored, not you or your tub. 

In the past, we made bath bombs with botanicals such as lavender buds, other flowers, leaves, etc. and what we experienced was a messy tub after the bath. No one wants to have to clean the tub or pick flowers off your body after a relaxing bath so we've stopped using botanicals. We do still use Himalayan Salt on our Sea Salt Agave scent because it dissolves. 

INGREDIENTS: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, SLSA (bubbling agent), Polysorbate80 (emulsifies the oil/butter and water so you don't have them floating on top of the water), Witch Hazel, Fragrance/Essential Oil, Skin-safe cosmetic dye.

WARNING: You and your tub will be slippery so be careful exiting the tub. These are safe for children but avoid contact with eyes. Do not eat. If the bathwater gets in your eyes, simply rinse with clean water.

Packaged in a plastic square box, these are ready for gift giving.